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04.10.2002 16:32 Did you know that Péter Medgyessy.

•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy is only a puppet, with László Kovács pulling the strings?
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy was fired from government in 1989 for corruption?
•Did you know that, while serving in the Horn government, Péter Medgyessy contracted an incompetent French company to replace the capacitors at the Paks Nuclear Plant for HUF 8 billion, rather than paying HUF 1 billion to a competent German firm?
•Did you know that between the two rounds of the 1998 election Péter Medgyessy signed the contract for the No. 4 subway worth billions - which was illegal - and now he is asking Orbán not to sign anything; of course, he presumes everyone is like him!
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy's lobbying company is still alive and flourishing, even though he, as a candidate for Prime Minister, should have terminated all his private business activities? This is another breech of the law.
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy pocketed HUF 30 million for the sale of the Gresham Palace?
•Did you know that immediately before the 1998 elections Péter Medgyessy lobbied for the bank KHB? That would also have earned him a couple of millions!
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy received the French Legion of Honor? That was how the French thanked him for his selling out half the country to them.
•Did you know that Hungary law punishes lobbying with a prison sentence?
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy left his wife and two children and is now living with his secretary who even appears in the campaign ads?
•Did you know that the husband of Péter Medgyessy's daughter - who had earlier worked as a bouncer in discos - is now a multi-billionaire? They own Dokk Disco, Roxy Radio, etc.!
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy is a multi-billionaire?
•Did you know that if we added up all the campaign promises that Péter Medgyessy had made, the country would end up HUF 320 billion in the red?
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy wore an earphone during the Medgyessy - Orbán debate, because he didn't know the answers and needed someone in the background to prompt him?
•Did you know that Péter Medgyessy contracted a company registered in Israel to plan his campaign, which cost HUF 4 billion, all transferred to Israel?
•Did you know that the same Péter Medgyessy was elected Prime Minister by 42 per cent of the country's population?

04.11.2002 14:44 Fwd: letter to Viktor Orbán


An open letter to Viktor Orbán

Mr. Orbán, you have thrown away the chance ever again to become Prime Minister in Hungary! You and your campaign staff decided that you wanted to wage war. I don't want to. I simply refuse to vote for You and your party. I think we still live in a democracy, and as long as we do, the election is not a war, and winning or loosing is not a question of life or death. As long as we live in a democracy, politics has no place in our everyday lives. There is no need for friends to turn against each other just because they don't vote for the same party. There is no need for complete strangers to despise each other just because they vote for different parties.

I am not a witch, I am not a woodworm, nor an alien-hearted intellectual homeless.

I am not the past, I am not evil! I won't hang myself!

I am a human being, too!

I am Hungarian, too!

I am a citizen, too!

Nobody has the right to divest me of these!

Hungary's Prime Minister has no right to instigate hatred, to divide people, to call to war!

And the Prime Minister has no right to divide the nation into good and evil, present and past! He has no right to deprive me of my national feelings, words and national symbols!

A responsible Hungarian Prime Minister would never organize demonstrations! He would never spread lies about his opponents in a whispering campaign!

When he fails to get the voters' support, a responsible Hungarian Prime Minister would take his hat in peace and leave.

You declared war. I declare an end to your authority, openness, democratic commitment, civility and term of office as Prime Minister!


04.11.2002 11:02

1.) The MSZP will raise the price of household gas (see the price of the MOL shares since yesterday)

2.) The MSZP will raise the price of medicine

3.) The MSZP will sell the land to foreigners (they have promised it to the agrarian lobby)

4.) The MSZP will cancel the housing loans (they voted against them in Parliament)

5.) The MSZP will cancel the student loan system, introduce school fees (they voted against them in Parliament!! And now Lajos Bokros will be Minister of Finance, just as four years ago!!!!)

6.) They will abolish GYED and the family tax relief (they voted against it in Parliament!!! And Medgyessy himself mentioned it in the debate with Orbán that he wanted to support the poor people who were out of work!!!) Anyway, how could he finance the raise in family supplement otherwise.

7.) He will also end automatic entitlement to family supplement (because He wants to support the poor people who are out of work!!!!)

8.) He will stop free dental care (because he voted against it in Parliament!!!)

Although I used quite a lot of conditional clauses, we must not have any illusions! At every change of government, the incoming administration invariably does exactly the opposite of what its predecessor did (this is what experience has taught us), but also the fact that the SZDSZ has already called on the government to act as a caretaker government (which clearly demonstrates that we want to do something totally different from what you have done up until now!!!!!!)

And one more aside:

I have made a quick calculation: at the moment I draw GYED in the amount of HUF 80000 a month, plus HUF 9400 (family supplement, last year's quote) and HUF 95000 in tax return (last year's quote), coming to nearly 1 million Forints annually!!!!! If nothing more???!!!, this much I definitely stand to lose!!!!!

In my view, this news is worth spreading, and not by whispering but screaming!!!

My dear friends,

The MSZP's lead must be reduced, and what's more, the party can be beaten in the second round, as we have a good chance to be able to do that


we take action now.

In the present situation, before the second round of the elections, we must employ the old familiar tactics of a whispering campaign.

The method is a communist invention, and what we have added to it is that the news are true in 90 per cent of the cases, and probable in the remaining 10 per cent.

So, the following news must be spread:

1.) The MSZP will raise the price of household gas (this is true, they have said so, see the price of the MOL shares since yesterday)

2.) The MSZP will raise the price of medicine (this is also true)

3.) The MSZP will sell the land to foreigners (this is also true, they owe it to the agrarian lobby)

4.) The MSZP will cancel the state-subsidized house loan system (this is not certain, but must be spread)

5.) The MSZP will abolish the student loan and introduce school fees (see above)

The rules of the whispering campaign are as follows:

- We do NOT say these to people who share our views. To them we send this letter.

- We spread these news softly and confidentially, as if we were talking about the private life of some TV star.

- Possible locations: supermarket, elevator, any place where you are queuing up or waiting.

- Consider the old folks living in the neighborhood (the old lady next door) - from the first reactions it seems that Medgyessy's promise to pay a thirteenth-month's pension has "won over" many elderly voters, who jumped on the bandwagon - so we traffic in medicine!

- It makes things easier if you are with someone else, casually "conversing," not too loudly, just making sure that people around you can hear it.

Messages simpler than these are still worth trying, but don't waste time on composing more complicated ones.

A word of caution! The people we want this information to reach are not like us; they are the type who fell for the MSZP's campaign slogan Safe Livelihood, Safety of the Law, Safe Streets. We should not presume that they possess any historical, social or political knowledge, nor should we think that they can plan their future for more than six months ahead. From a psychological viewpoint, however, it is very important that we do not show hostility or anger; we must love them, because we want to help them with this information, and they must feel it! (think of the rumors of the 1980s, such as "the price of petrol will go up on Monday" or "bananas are on sale in Skála", or if that was before you were born, then ask your parents about it). We shouldn't wear our cockade on these occasions - if we are wearing one otherwise - as the listeners will think of the source as authentic only when it seems unbiased!

I want to call everybody's attention to the point that the communists are not more numerous then we are, nor are they more intelligent, nor more powerful.

However, they are better organized and more disciplined.

This is what we must learn from them.

I would like to ask everyone to hold self-examination regularly before going to bed in the next two weeks (it would do no harm continuing it beyond that, but now it is especially important). Make sure that not a single day passes without doing your bit in the whispering campaign!

Many of you will find it awkward or even repugnant, but you will soon get the hang of it.

We owe this to ourselves and to our children (if we have any; if not, then to our future children or the children of our friends). Let's go out, visit the public places, the spring is here, anyway!

The MSZP performed beyond expectations in the first round. This disappointed many of us. On occasions like these we have a tendency to feel self-pity and sorrow, reminiscing about our thousand-year history of ill luck and locking ourselves up in our homes. We must learn to fight these tendencies. The MSZP doesn't yield to self-pity, it didn't do it 1990, but continues its propaganda.

Keep marching on the long road, one small step after an other!

Dear Elector!

If, by any chance, you forgot what it was like 4 years ago, or what is behind the latest promises of the MSZP - SZDSZ, then here is a little reminder for you. If you, too, find the prospect scary, then pass this message on to all your acquaintances, so that we might still be able to save our country from all this.

- raising the price of household gas and electricity (naturally, with compensation for the "needy")

- declaring the minimum wage tax-free (But this will not lead to higher earnings, only the slave-driver companies will make bigger profits, along with those entrepreneurs who are employed by their own "company" at a minimum wage.)

- putting the family and child benefits on the founding of social welfare (let's encourage the lumpen elements to proliferate at the expense of the citizens trying to make an honest living)

- selling off to foreigners the companies that are still producing a profit for Hungary (the Paks Nuclear Plant, the Richter Gedeon Rt., etc. - let the foreigners get rich, so that the MSZP functionaries could get further cushy jobs in the London banks)

- milking the middle classes under the operative name "austerity measures" by modifying the income-tax brackets so as to benefit the high-financiers and the low earners, with the middle-class taxpayers footing the bill (eradicating the bourgeois class in order to eliminate the middle-class voters from the next elections)

- abolishing the national media (giving a left-wing orientation to the newspaper Magyar Nemzet, the MTV and the Radio in order to muffle the voices of dissent, the voices of anyone who would reveal the outrages committed by the MSZP)

- completely brainwashing people through the media, to ensure that they live only for the present, consume and go into debt, because that is what suits the multinational capital's interests best

- turning the House of Terror into the House of Reconciliation (so that we can learn absolutely nothing about the atrocities committed in the past)

- turning the National Theater into the National Circus (lowering the cultural standard to that of the TV program Heti Hetes)

- turning the Millennium Park into a Beer-and-Frankfurter Park

- organized crime will rise again, with daily bomb explosions and gang war on the streets

- the degradation of honest work: let's all live on relief or by fraud (Example: let's advise our fellow party members for $100,000 financed by the multinationals)

- the Status Law: let's call the Hungarians of Transylvania Romanians, the Hungarians of Slovakia Slovaks, the population of Vojvodina Yugoslavs

- sell the land to the foreigners (see the Polish example)

- school fee and student loan on a welfare base (the middle classes should pay for the education, the cheating rich can study free)

- toll ways with exorbitant prices, possibly collected by a foreign company

- the formation of social security self-governments, so that the trade unions can also get their share of the loot

- No. 4. subway, real estate panamas

- tax on real estate (let the filthy middle classes pay tax on their houses bought from their taxed income)

- supporting homosexual programs

- the legalization of light drugs

- stop the construction of dams

- re-opening negotiations on the Bős-Nagymaros dam and going ahead with the construction

04.11.2002 19:09 Fwd: True red-white-and-green or phony blue-and-white, this is the question, make your choice!

It is not the red flag that threatens our freedom now. The flag that we have reason to fear now is not the red one with the sickle and hammer, nor the red one with the swastika, but the blue-and-white. The blue-and-white is not just the color of the MTK jersey, and it is not simply the national colors of Israel; it also conceals something else. If it was just the color of MTK, then there would be nothing wrong with it - why should we be afraid of the supporters of a Hungarian football club; and if we looked on it as Israel's national flag, then we would have no reason to worry either - they have enough trouble of their own at home; but the SZDSZ and the MSZP, the two parties that claim to represent the entire nation yet abhor the Hungarian tricolor, also fly the blue-and-white colors. Kovács put on the cockade to signify that he is Hungarian, but it was too late. By then the agitated scum had already kept tearing the national ribbon off elderly people's cloths. Although László Kovács is Hungarian, the cockade means nothing to him, just as the blue-and-white, under the veil of which the international high finance wants to devour our country. Those who had once amassed a huge national debt under the protection of the red flag - then bequeathed it on us, and later ruined Hungary's industry - and finally sold off everything that was of any value, now want to prevent the nation's recovery, this time under the blue-and-white flag, wearing a yellow scarf.

They hold nothing sacred, be it the memory of the Jewish victims murdered or the memory of the Hungarians persecuted and killed by themselves. They frightened the Jewry with MIÉP on the one hand and used the Jewish community to scare and aggravate the Hungarian nationalists on the other. To achieve their goal, which was to turn the country on itself, they enjoyed the support of the newspapers and television companies owned by the international capital. The country has been divided into two - and not on account of the FIDESZ, which renounced all forms of discrimination and only insisted to call things by their proper names, but because of them. It was because of them, who now promise everything - but we know them better, as they were against every good idea that was to serve the common good of the nation.

I cannot speak on TV and I do not own a newspaper. I am just a Hungarian who thinks independently. My conscience obliges me to warn everybody not to fall for their lies. Within a couple of months the MSZP - SZDSZ, the parties that now promise us all those nice things, will make excuses by saying that the treasury is empty and will introduce austerity measures. The media will explain us everything and it will be green lights for another Bokros package - and the voracious masters of international monopolies will make still more extra profit, with the assistance of the state.

Medgyessy and Kovács have every reason to smile - they feel that they have once again managed to fool the folks and let's face it, their accomplishment is impressive, when you consider that they even managed to turn the national cockade, with its three colors, into a red rag to people. Against the background of growing prosperity, they achieved that the people of a rising nation give credit to unrealistic promises and vote to replace what has been certifiably good with something that is certifiably bad.

If only rich people's children can become doctors, teachers and engineers, who will treat the sick, who will teach the next generation, who will build new dams? The expenditure on welfare will be taken from the pockets of the needy and shoveled into the bottomless stomach of international monopolies. The Hungarian companies are made to beg foreign companies for work in Hungarian development projects. Hungarian software engineers, who are paid Hungarian wages, work for foreign companies on products that the Hungarian companies will have to buy from abroad for a hefty price. Hungarian peasants produce profit for their foreign landlords, and we can buy our own food back from abroad.

Again and again, we can repeat Tiborc's grievances, yet we shall have only ourselves to blame, if we do not recognize that protecting our national interests is not xenophobia, while what the SZDSZ - MSZP represents - anti-Magyar feeling - is the betrayal of national interests and the selling out of the country. And they are already compiling the black lists about whom to dismiss and whom to ruin. High on the list are Pannon Radio and Vasárnapi Újság, but also black-listed are MTV1, MTV2, Duna TV and Magyar Nemzet, and so am I. That's my problem, you might say, why can't I keep my mouth shut, but the fact is that you are also on the list, only you will not realize this until the moment you can't pay your bills, or can't get a bank loan for building your house, or your child cannot go to university, or you cannot afford going to the dentist.

Why do you surrender the certain and knowable future and the continuous and steadily mounting progress for empty promises? Why do you listen to those for whom national feeling is a dirty word, the Holy Crown is a shabby hat, and St. Stephen's relic is a piece of rotting flesh? Can you be so brainwashed by all the lies? They can be proud, indeed - because what they have achieved in lying should earn them a place in the book of records!

The best way to fight corruption is not by demanding a change of government - not by slurs and libelous accusations - but by anti-Mafia laws - what the MSZP - SZDSZ voted against. According to them, everyone is FIDESZ-confederate who stands to benefit from the government's measures. So are You - and the rest of the entire country is FIDESZ-confederate, and if you happen to be not among the MSZP - SZDSZ clients, then you will learn very soon that you are a second-rate citizen in your own country, because a foreigner always has the advantage over you. Not the people who come here - but the capital! Because everything is subordinated to the interest of foreign capital. There will be new motorways, only you will not be able to use them, because even the existing ones will be resold! There will be no Olympic Games held here, no new stadiums built, as there will be no room for them, anyway, because the shopping centers will take up all the space. And when you have gone through a great deal of hardship to raise a child, you will see him either turn into a narcotic or killed by a narcotic desperate to get the stuff, who wants his jacket so that he can sell it and buy some heroin or dope.

You can weep for him, of course, but his murderer will be out before you have time to bury his body. Is this what you want? Do you want to watch Hungary being destroyed under the blue-and-white flag? When do you think we shall be equal members of the European Union, if we are taken there under the leadership of the MSZP-SZDSZ serving the interests of foreign monopolies? I know it is not polite to send letters uninvited. I know that this letter will breed hostility in many people. Still, I had to do it, I had to send it off. Not because Viktor Orbán asked me to, although I shall send him a copy, too - but because those people requested it who had realized what the consequences would be, if the past returned and we committed the same mistake that we had committed in 1994. On that occasion I remained silent - and now feel ashamed for not trying everything!

I ask you to think, and if you still have the opportunity to vote in the second round, please don't allow everything that started to move in the right direction to be reversed. Don't make life a hell for yourself and for others! I can't vote in the second round, but if you can, by all means go to vote, not for the blue-and-white but for the red-white-and-green. Vote for FIDESZ, not the demagogue MSZP-SZDSZ! I am not saying that they did everything right, but if you look at it realistically, you will admit that the country has now been on the rise for the first time in many, many years, the country that belongs to all of us! Because everyone is FIDESZ-confederate! You are, I am, everyone except the foreign monopolies! If everyone understands this, then nothing is lost yet - HUNGARY IS NOT YET LOST!

Ps. If you send this letter on to everyone in your address-book, please make sure that you give the addressees in a secret copy.

04.11.2002 21:20 News from the Future!

Népszabadság, May 16, 2005

the optimistic version:
•According to a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics, last year's inflation sank to 2.6 per cent, as planned.
•According to the Economic Research Institute, the country's GDP will increase by 6.3 per cent these years.
•The BUX index crossed the 12,000-point barrier in May.
•On its weekly session, the Parliament voted to reduce the number of representatives for the next term from 245 to 180.
•FIDESZ held its usual annual conference at table 6 in Kisrabló Restaurant.
•István Mikola has asked to be transferred to Lajos Simicska's cell, because his current cell-mate, Csaba Schlecht, is a heavy smoker.
•Hungary will not give asylum to the fugitive Anatoly Lukachenko.
•Following the issue of an international warrant, Sándor Pintér was arrested in Florida. The FBI agents were tipped off: the former •Minister of the Interior was apprehended in the surgery of a well-known plastic surgeon specializing in oversize ears.

and the pessimistic version:
•Now we are only two years from EU accession.
•As of today Hungary's constitutional form is a Constitutional Joint Stock Company. With 51 per cent of the shares, Lajos Simicska is the Company's majority shareholder. This is only an interim arrangement, semi-official sources have told us, because if the Danube freezes over this winter, we shall elect a king.
•According to decree no. 16/2005/05.15/MT, in future underage people will be allowed to fill the position of secretary of state.
•The Parliament, which is called into session twice a year, ordered the SZDSZ to add the prefix "not" to the word "free" in its name.
•Antal Rogán has been appointed bishop, so once he is made archbishop he will stand a good chance at the papal election.
•At a social function celebrating Hungarian Movies Day, István Nemeskürty was made Air Marshal and Fleet Admiral.
•In a decree, István Mikola ordered a black cross to be tattooed on the forehead of every smoker. The highest level of medical care these persons will be entitled to will be administered by quack herbalists.
•On the occasion of the Book Festival, László Kövér met the readers in Vörösmatry Square to autograph his new book entitled "The Liberal Breeds".
•In Attila Várhegyi's criminal case a low-court sentence can be expected as early as 2018, the spokesman of the Supreme Court announced.
•The Budapest Telephone Directory has been declared classified information. It is not to be declassified for 150 years.
•The Hungarian development project to build a channel between the Arctic Sea and the Red Sea has been started. The construction work began just outside Felcsut.
•The shooting of historical feature film "Győző Orbán Crosses the Dolomites" has started. The proceeds from the film's screening will be used to build motorways.

04.16.2002 17:42. Fw: This is not a joke...

And here is what matters:

This is not a joke! This is no election junk mail!!! I personally experienced this today, when I went to the Parliament's library. I met one of my former university mates there, we had been at the same university earlier on as well, you can guess who it is, because J.Z. has been an MSZP activist for quiet some time now, he is also a Member of Parliament and serves on the MSZP's campaign committee. What I record here is a summary of what he has said to me, so if this is not true, the blame for spreading false rumors is on him!

So, J.Z. told me today that in the Fall of 2001, after being elected by the MSZP congress, the honorable candidate for Prime Minister, Péter Medgyesy, kept out of the public eye for a very good reason. You will recall that he did not appear in public for two months. Why? Because he was in hospital! He had several operations, and has not recovered fully since. This was why he interrupted his campaign tour of the provinces and returned to Pest, because he wanted to be strong and fit for the debate with Orbán. He was operated with a tumor! And he still has cancer of the intestine! He is seriously ill! This is unfortunate, but the way they want to exploit this shows the deviousness of his party's thinking! There is an agreement between him and Kovács which says that if their party wins, then within 3 to 6 months he will resigns on grounds of ill health and Kovács will be Prime Minister! But by then he will have done the dirty work and Kovács can keep his hands clean. If what the MSZP activist, member of Parliament and campaign organizer J.Z. confidentially told me is true, then this is serious, very serious, indeed: they will free up the gas and medicine markets and completely privatize the electricity sector in order to comply with the EU expectations! They will break the motorway construction contract with Vegyépszer and will give the job to the same French company that had constructed the motorway M5, naturally, disguised as a "public tender". In the interest of this, they will raise the price of motorway passes and, I'm afraid, they'll also have another go at the No.4. subway line, but before that they will raise the metropolitan transport fees by 75 per cent (!!!). It was partly to compensate and partly to conceal this that they came up with the idea of paying a 13th-month 's pension, as well as raising school grants and handing out social relief. But that's not all: they will not finish the construction of the National Cultural Center on the Danube banks, they will sell the Millennium Park to a private investor and turn the proceeds to financing the subway construction, which will be built by a French company picked for the job back in 1998. Whose clientele it might belong to, I wonder!!!

All this is not a joke, I heard this personally from an MSZP Member of Parliament today. If you think that this silly, then let's talk about it in 6 month's time, but I still hope that it won't be necessary, because they won't be able to ruin our future completely. I'm not telling anyone to go to vote, all I'm saying is that we should take our future in our hand and build a safe Hungary, rich in Christian and national values!

Regards to all


Piarist alumni list

04.17.2002 10:54 So as to preserve from oblivion...

Ezüsthajó, Happyend, stone quarries… The liberal and free press is making so much fuss about them. But nearly everyone seem to have forgotten about the crimes, mischief and tricks committed by the left wing.

So as to preserve these from oblivion, here is a long list, which forms but a tiny fraction of the deeds the Horn government and later the left-wing opposition perpetrated.

Read, disseminate and copy the "acts" of the left wing:

I. The launch of the magazine "168 óra" was financed by the Radio, and it used the Radio's infrastructure to reach a nationwide audience. Then the magazine "created" by public money somehow began to earn money for Ákos Mester - no one knows how exactly, but the magazine became his private property. It was registered as such. Just like that. This magazine has been asking who Kaya Ibrahim is for quite a few days now. We do not care much for phantoms, but we would like to know how Ákos Mester, described as a "shifty privatizer" by the magazine Magyar Narancs, founded his own magazine from the assets of an institute financed from public money.

II. After 1994 the Hungarian Television employed a large number of "external staff", signing contracts for stupendous sums, when in many cases there was no real work behind the transaction. But every one of the payees was one of the gang. The Hungarian Television is financed by the tax-payers' money!!!

III. When Lajos Bokros was fired, he gave his severance pay to a foundation. The only problem was that Mrs. Bokros was also on the board of the foundation…

IV. An interesting fact: László Békesi is a good friend of Bodnár of the Yellow Page scandal, who was later convicted in Canada. Incidentally, he, too, belongs to the Fotex circle.

V. The directors of the Energol Kft. and the Conti-Car Kft., two companies associated with the oil mafia, such as the character József Csikos, for example, who was the MSZP's parliamentary representative, come from the MSZP circles. The persons incriminated in the oil scandals usually belong to the MSZP's clientele.

VI. When he was Minister of the Interior, Gábor Kuncze, was seen on several occasions having breakfast with the videotape pirate Fenyő of VICO; also, there is a photograph taken at a ball where he is shown fraternizing with Prisztás, who was later murdered. Incidentally, Iván Pető is another one of Fenyő's friends, and they often talked things over.

VII. Zoltán Gál, the Leader of the House between 1994 and 1998, who had rather proletary attitudes (he chinked with his sticky coffee spoon and filthy coffee cup instead of using the House bell), served as deputy minister of the interior. In that capacity, on October 23, 1988 he instructed the policemen on motorbikes to break up the protesters' march. Today he is a "modern European social democrat."

VIII. The Trade Unions Chairman László Sándor had earlier been the Chairman of the National Health Insurance Self-government. In that capacity he sold a packet of Budapest Bank shares worth HUF 645 million for HUF 271 million to Medicor Holding Rt. Later on he squandered more than HUF 1 billion of OEV money financed by the taxpayers' money on worthless Medicor shares. Interestingly enough, the personnel of Medicor include MSZP functionaries.

IX. László Mati was formerly deputy head of MSZP: he bought the country's best mill, Budai Hengermalom worth HUF 8 billion, for HUF 500,000 in such a way that he was helped by his friends holding positions within ÁPV Rt., and he managed to get a loan from Postabank, which he never really paid back. The mill is not producing, regardless of its enormous production capacity and modern technology. By contrast, it has been accruing public debts. László Mati says he is fine, thank you for asking…

X. The MTM-SBS company, which controls TV2 (and which has Edgar Bronfman, the Jewish World Congress' general secretary, as part-owner), increased its capital in 1998, mainly with the help of EBRD (where Miklós Spontaneous Privatisator Németh worked as human resources director handing out lunch vouchers and scheduling summer holidays). To be able to do this, he conveyed the frequency under mortgage, something that is explicitly forbidden in the Media Law. Mihály Révész T., then chairman of the ORTT (Horn's man) naturally turned a blind eye, when in fact he should have immediately broken the contract with the company.

XI. TV2 once again: one can submit tender proposals to the ORTT for frequencies. The TV2 management was represented on the board of curators, when the TV2 won the tender… Actually, the TV2 won the frequency for promising less advertisement time than its rivals; of course, it never kept its promises, and nobody has taken them to account for this (as for many other things). To top it all, the TV2 charges fees after the advertisements broadcasts, but pays taxes according to advertisement time in the contract…

XII. Commercial TV channels: the fact that RTV Club and TV2 are HUF billions in arrears in paying VAT has not bothered anybody so far; it seems that they are allowed to go on broadcasting… regardless of the point that these dodgy channels squander away the taxpayers' money.

XIII. Communists in mass media: the chief executive of the Hungarian news and information agency MTI is Sándor Dorogi, a man with a dreadful past. The other great news agency, Ferenczy Europress is similarly a Bolshevik hideout: the baptizer József Ferenczy (Josef von Ferenczy), who is incidentally Hungary's ambassador at large (!), directed the infamous Military Political Department D after 1945. Recently a Munich court of law gave him a suspended prison sentence for tax fraud. His news agency is hallmarked by names such as Tamás Pálos, the one-time dreaded communist chief executive of MTI, Elemér Csák, the former New York correspondent educated in Moscow, a trusted man of the Communists; and Zsolt Bajnok, former head of the ill-remembered Information Bureau and chief editor of Magyar Hírlap (the communist government's newspaper).

XIV. The Ferenczy Europress gets its money from the publishing concern Axel Springer. This concern bought up the majority of the county newspaper in 1990 at a greatly reduced price, in return for which members of the old communist guard could keep their jobs. The information terror of the Bolsheviks cannot be broken.

XV. The infamous Tocsik scandal: The ÁPV Rt. owed money to the various local governments for their privatized property. The ÁPV refuses to pay. They bargain. The ÁPV commissions Márta Tocsik to negotiate on their behalf and to save as much money as possible. The document on which the commission is based is a fake. Incidentally, Tocsik succeeds in saving money and gets her commission in the amount of HUF 800 million. She then divides this money between the treasurers of the MSZP and the SZDSZ. This is how public money (ÁPV Rt.) is transformed into private money first, and political party money next.

XVI. Imre Szekeres' hotel scandal: on their friends' advice, Szekeres and his wife lease out a hotel through a Postabank company. The Szekeres offer a long-term sub-lease to their friends who gave the idea and ran the hotel. But when the business turns out to be a prosperous one, the contract is changed into a one-year lease only. The friends refuse to pay for dishonest dealing. The local government promptly evicts them from the hotel, which is taken over by Mrs. Szekeres' company that was earlier registered in a hush as resident of the building. When Postabank goes bankrupt, precisely on account of transactions like these, the hotel gets government subvention. So, public money is first transformed into private money, or party money, and then the deficit is financed from public money, and the whole thing can start all over again.

This is the socialist way.

XVII. The Horn Villa: Gyula Horn's villa was built by a Postabank company, DOM Rt., in such a way that, from start to finish, it cost Horn as little as HUF 12 million. This is in District II, on a plot of such a size. The land itself was worth more than that. The deal for Postabank was that after this Horn became indebted to the company.

XVIII. The case of the Soviet state debt: a committee offers the potentials in the realization of state debt to a circle of beneficiaries. A beneficiary is an agent who can find any commodity in Russia, the legal heir to the Soviet state debt, which can be sold in some other market. Russia hands over the money received in the deal and the agent pays an agreed sum into the Hungarian treasury. The agent wins this business opportunity in a tender, in which he is asked to name the agreed percentage. This information is, of course, confidential. However, the socialist government classified the entire procedure. The people representing the state, the beneficiaries and the decision-makers come from the same political circle! (Pál, Dunai, Kapolyi, Hujber). The debts were also realized in oil. The same circle - on a ministerial right - engages the company HFT registered in New York, then as MOL Chairman, they receive the oil consignment sent through their own company for their profits as if a state sent it to another state.

XIX. Vodka in Zsurk: As Minister of Environmental Protection, the lion-maned Ferenc Baja (whose hairstyle, along with many left-wing politicians' unkempt appearance testifying for their moral decay, could form the subject of a psychologist's essay) gave generous subsidy to the Zsurk vodka distiller, his own interest, from public money.

XX. The Gigastorage case: A Bulgarian ex-secret-service-agent named Bisser Dimitrov bought a factory in France, producing computer hard-disks. For this purpose, he took out a hefty loan, and the French government also gave him a subsidy worth several million Francs. His creditors were HFT (part-owned by OTP) and the CW Bank of Vienna. The Bulgarian transferred the money to an American bank account. For failing to comply with his obligations, the French arrested him, but the money was never recovered. One of Dimitrov's colleagues is Péter Dobrev, the husband of Piroska Apró, the ex-chairman of the Kereskedelmi Bank and Horn's cabinet manager (Piroska Apró is the daughter of Antal Apró, the infamous Bolshevik). As owners or board members, the circle of Piroska Apró's friends were all associated with the banks lending the money. Therefore, the money lent to the Bulgarian partly originated from the Hungarian budget, with the socialist circle implicated once again.

XXI.The Health Insurance scandal: In Eastern Hungary a private company named Zefirus Bt. buys up property in real estate owned by the former SZTK, now Health Insurance, at a very low price. Since Zefirus Bt. is a penniless company, one of the departmental heads of the electrical company Villamos Művek - illegally - transfers several millions of Forints from the company's money to Zefirus. The decision-makers in the Health Insurance self-government, the person who transferred the money and the owners of Zefirus are members of the same socialist clientele. Ferenc Lion-maned Zsurk Vodka Baja is also implicated in the affair. The essential point here is the same as elsewhere: the use of decision-making positions to siphon off public money into private capital.

XXII. The Health Insurance Self-government again: The Health Insurance Self-government underwrote a Postabank deal in the sum of HUF 160 million. (The Postabank made use of this option, too.) Together with the State Pension Self-government, they effected a capital increase in the sum of HUF 1 billion at Postabank. The man behind the deal was AT THE SAME TIME the Chairman of the HI and a member of the board of trustees at Postabank, László Sándor, who was also implicated in the scandal regarding the VIP loans. And the publicly funded HI suffered substantial financial losses.

XXIII. The Health Insurance Self-government once again: here is a good example of how to squander the taxpayers' money: HUF 150 million went on supporting the "activities" of a non-existent company, CM-Clinique; on waiving dues for comrades; on a never-installed system to check prescriptions… The companies of comrades and friends, once again, profited, while the publicly financed HI lost out heavily…

XXIV. The pilot scheme: Mrs. Tribuszer's case sparked off the greatest scandal. What we should know about her is that she used to serve in Kádár's secret service in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before becoming the spouse of the MSZP's Parliamentary Representative Péter Lusztig. Lusztig presumably helped her while she was in hiding, yet he was never charged with aiding and abetting…

XXV. The party properties: in several instances, for example in Pécs, the MSZP earns money by renting out to companies certain state properties that it uses free of charge. In other words, public money changes into party money.

XXVI. The Xenia Láz scandal: Felixfilm Studio, a company owned by Zsuzsa Czégé, signed an incredibly disadvantageous contract with MTV, the public television channel that was at the brink of financial collapse, which paid out hundreds of millions of Forints for the production of the TV series Xenia Láz. Later on the Xenia Láz Movement joined the Pioneers' Movement. (!!!) The Xenia Láz Movement was headed by the MSZP's parliamentary representative Andor Schmuck, who distributed questionnaires to children in the Xenia Club, inquiring about the financial position, consumption habits and spiritual orientation (!!!) of their family. Otherwise, the series advertised an "energy drink" produced by WIS Rt., a company owned by the MSZP confederate entrepreneur László Máté, in such a way that the Hungarian Television received nothing for it.

So, the changing of public money (MTV's money) into disproportionately large private capital, illegal advertisement and illegal gathering of information all featured in this latest story of MSZP sidekicks. To make it even more interesting, Zsuzsa Czégé's company had the subsequently murdered József Prisztás as part-owner. Besides Prisztás, such persons visited Zsuzsa Czégé's club as Gyula Horn and Sándor Csintalan, who was also incriminated in the Kordax scandal.

XXVII. The Technomark scandal: Hundreds of millions of Forints from the accounts of the Budapest public works are lent, at a very high rate of interest, to the investment fund Technomark with the assistance of the SZDSZ deputy mayor Gábor Székely (like hell he is a Szekler!), a member of the congregation Hit Gyülekezet. Technomark transfers the first installment due (from the loan itself). Later it pays with its own worthless bonds. Meanwhile, the money is moved to the Caribbean region via the sister-in-law in Vienna. Technomark becomes insolvent and goes into receivership. On the side of the investors (the municipal government of Budapest), no crime has been committed (it was an investment made in good faith…), so there is no punishment. However, there is no money. The names featuring in the scandal later also show up in other cases: art curators, the post of chairman at the Property Management Committee (!!!), etc.

XXVIII. The Nádor 95 scandal: The Hungarian secret services ordered equipment indispensable for tapping cellular phones from the company Nádor 95, as well as from some other private firms. While Nádor 95 had been paid in the amount of HUF 3.4 Million by 1998, it delivered goods only in the amount of HUF 2.4 million. To top it all, the state is only leasing these equipment, which are owned by the private company. (!) It is interesting that the Horn government engaged a private company, which is partly owned by foreign citizens in a project that involves the secret services… The people behind this deal financed from the central budget belong to the MSZP clientele…

XXIX. The Agrobank scandal: The Agrobank lent out the E-loans (short for Existence loans, a loan scheme financed from the budget) in such a way that the contract included a clause whereby the debtor agrees to hand over 25 +1 per cent of the shares bought with the loan to one of the companies set up by Mihály Kovács, one of the Agrobank leaders for precisely this purpose. So, by virtue of the acquisition of shares, Kovács' company gets access to information regarding the debtor's decisions in order to reduce the risks, or so it was claimed. And, through part of the E-loan subsidized from public money a private company acquires assets without doing any work. In other words, public money changes into private property.

XXX. During the scandal erupted in connection with the gold transactions of the Agrobank heads (Mihály Kovács and Péter Kunos, presented as a new Dreyfus), György Surányi, the President of the Hungarian National Bank supported the Agrobank characters. Therefore, Surányi is guilty in aiding and abetting a crime.

XXXI. The Pillér scandal: Lured by high interest rates, the beneficiaries of the compensation scheme exchange their vouchers for the bonds of the investment fund Pillér I and Pillér II. Prudent Invest Rt. the company that managed the investment fund, hoped to produce profit by selling and renting property owned by the fund, as well as by buying further properties. However, the transaction involved the company Immober Rt, which, according to the contract, earned two and a half per cent of the purchase price without providing any service at all. The top management of Prudent Invest (an economic team from the later phase of the Kádár era) and the leaders of Immober were old comrades. The parasites got the best deal, again. On the other hand, compensation vouchers in the amount of HUF 60 million disappeared…

XXXII. The power plant Mátrai Erőmű: The Horn government sold the power plant to the German company RWE-EVS way below the price and complete with a secret clause guaranteeing the company the right to build a new power plant in Bükkábrány. Although the cost of the electricity produced by this plant was much higher than that produced at the nuclear power plant of Paks,, it was also agreed that the new plant would be linked to the network right after the much more competitive nuclear power plant of Paks, thus guaranteeing the proceeds. The APV's head, István Kocsis soon after the deal became an employee of RWE, earning DM 18,000 per month. This required a ministerial permission, which was promptly issued by Judit Csiha, the minister supervising the privatization process (who just around then took out a VIP loan in the amount of HUF 8 million). Among other deals, the sale of this power plant below market price brought in the money that was needed to save Postabank, then at brink of financial collapse, so that they can go ahead with the VIP loans and other financial assistance. Public money changed into private money.

XXXIII. The BÁV Rt. scandal, again: During the 1998 election campaign BÁV Rt. rented out a storage room of 150 square-meters in the cellar of MSZP's Köztársaság Square headquarters for HUF 15 million (!). The money that BÁV paid into the MSZP's treasury was approximately ten time as much as it would have been, had they calculated the fee on the basis of the going rate in the area (HUF 800/square-meter). Needles to say, the BÁV Rt's management is packed with old communists.

XXXIV. BÁV Rt. made a somewhat similar deal with the trade union MSZOSZ through the sale of paintings. According to the book, the paintings were worth HUF 200,000, but BÁV paid HUF 20.3 million to the MSZOSZ for them. This is a hundred times more than their actual value!!!

XXXV. BÁV Rt. was owned by ÁPV Rt., then in early 1998 went into the possession of Magyar Fejlesztési Bank, a state owned bank. In other words, public money once again changed into party money.

XXXVI. The Co-Nexus scandal: Co-Nexus Rt. signed a contract with ÁVÜ (back in 1991), according to which ÁVÜ handed over to Co-Nexus a group of companies worth HUF 4 billion. András László, the head of Co-Nexus, was unable to give account of the money by the agreed deadline and the value of the companies, with all their assets having been stripped by then, were nowhere near as much as HUF 4 billion. András László's company was on excellent terms with the circles of both MSZP and Postabank.

XXXVII. The Globex scandal: The top management of Globex Rt. extracted from the company capital in the form of bank loans and portfolios (including the holdings of local governments and the Budapest municipal government), as well as the failure to fulfill liabilities, transferring them to their new companies set up in Munich. The Hungarian Ministry of Defense led by Keleti was implicated in the scandal, along with Postabank and Leumi Bank of Israel.

XXXVIII. The Kordax scandal: Kordax Rt. was dealing in oil, earning a little extra by engaging in customs and VAT fraud. It transported crude oil to refineries in Slovakia, bringing it back in the form of petrol and diesel. There was no customs duty on this transaction. However, Kordax brought back goods that had been made from crude oil. In this way Kordax accumulated a public debt in the amount of HUF 10 billion. Iván Kelemen, the owner of the company, supported the campaign of MSZP and SZDSZ alike. He was seen dining with László Budai, the SZDSZ confederate who had been incriminated in the Tocsik case, and Iván Pető. One of Iván Kelemen's associates was Sándor Csintalan.

XXXIX. Ok-Tat scandal: The schoolbook publisher Ok-Tat Kft. was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. Bálint Magyar was the Minister of Culture and Mrs. Magyar was one of the executives of the company. So, once again, public money changed into private money; also, the company had an unfair advantage over its competitors.

XL. Synagogue renovation: what happened to the HUF 300 million that the Hungarian state donated for the renovation of the Dohány Street synagogue?

Synagogue: János Fenyő, György Zemplényi, Szemjon Mogilievich and Péter Tasnádi have their own nameplate on the benches of the Dohány Street synagogue. The ex-workers' militiaman Zoltay naturally knows what the score is…

XLI. Socialist morals: László Paszternák, the fat miners' trade union leader attacks the Fidesz government with mouth foaming, demanding improvements in the miners' living conditions, yet his own company imports expensive foreign coal. In other words, he is not doing his bit to improve the Hungarian miners' working conditions.

XLII. Socialist morals again: Gyula Horn, who in 1956 voluntarily joined the state security forces of Kádár the traitor, is obviously affected by the Agent Law, since as a member of the Kádár regime's elite, he received and read the agents' reports. Horn’s reply to this was "So what?"

XLIII. Socialist morals still: Rezső Nyers, who voted for the death sentence in Imre Nagy's trial, is still one of the respected members of the "modern European social democracy". Left-wing morals, again: Tivadar Farkasházy, the kept humorist of Soros Foundation, regularly appears on the commercial channel (of sewage, more like) RTV Klub, in a program Heti Hetes, the ultimate in the category of cheap entertainment for the semi-idiotic proletariat, in blatant violation of the Hungarian Radio's internal regulation. He draws two salaries, and the rules and regulations do not apply to him, of course…

XLIV. The same goes for György Bolgár, who has a regular phone-in program entitled Let's Talk it over! on Kossuth Radio (this program is both politically controlled and manipulated, naturally adjusted to the plebeian tastes of the lowest of the low). Bolgár regularly contributed to the newspaper Metro. He, too, draws a double salary. The rules do not apply to Bolgár (probably, because he is not Bolgar, either…) The law says that the employees of public media cannot work at commercial channels.

XLV. A Bolshevik honorary citizen for Pécs: In August 2000, László Toller (MSZP), the mayor of Pécs, awarded honorary citizenship to József Tigyi, who in 1956 had fought against the national insurrection and war of liberation, and who later became an active member of the Workers' Militia.

XLVI. Millennium Celebrations in Bolshevik fashion: The Hungarian state tried to celebrate the Millennium in style. With a small-minded materialism that is typical of them, these foreign-hearted people, who despise national feeling, demanded an item-by-item account of the costs of the celebrations. They cannot grasp that, whatever the celebrations cost, it was money well spent: the money stayed in Hungary and the celebrations hopefully had a lasting effect on people's soul. Interestingly, however, those who demanded a detailed account of the costs of the Millennium do not nag Demszky, the mayor who made Budapest uninhabitable, about the costs of the Budapest imitation of the Berlin techno party.

XLVII. Accounting: we would like to see a detailed account of the costs of withdrawing from the organization of the 1995 World Fair.

XLVIII. Left-wing anti-nationalism: Since 1990, the left wing has continuously been provoking the Hungarian nation. It is a credit to the wisdom and patience of our nation that until now this has failed to produce any consequences.

XLIX. A few cases from 1990 till the present: The soapbox scandal; the Hanakni case; the Jewish girl "stabbed" in Kőbánya (a complete fabrication, as it turned out later); the remarks made by Tilos Radio conveying SZDSZ spirituality ("Jesus was a fairy," "homosexuality is a higher level of lifestyle than heterosexuality," ), masturbating angels encircling the Hungarian coat of arms, the tendentious anti-Magyar works of writers and poets with known SZDSZ sympathies ("How to tend your Magyar?", "The Holy Family's all rattly, God is busy screwing Mary," etc.); Rabbi Landeszmann's insulting remarks about baggy trousers and apricot brandy; staging an exhibition of Nitsch's degenerate works in a former monastery, partly subsidized from the taxpayers' money; a homosexual festival scheduled to coincide with a Catholic conference and the Protestant world assembly; the concert of the hopelessly pathetic Pa-Dö-Dö girls with hormone disorder, organized by Danubius Radio with MSZP patronage intended to disrupt a nearby performance of the national opera Bánk bán; and we could go on, but what's the point? (And all that at a time when the Hungarian government supported the establishment of a Holocaust museum with HUF 350 million.)

L. György Surányi: the guarantee of anti-Magyar fiscal policy: How much more damage will Surányi and his gang be allowed to cause before he is put on trial? They squandered HUF 260 million of the taxpayers' money at CW Bank; Surányi says "thank you for asking, I am fine"; he explains everything, and also points out and prognosticates.

LI. Postabank: Gábor Princz, who has caused immense financial losses to the Hungarian nation, is sitting pretty in Vienna, sending messages back home from there. And sometimes he is even allowed to return! In January 2001 he was carousing on Hajógyár Island under police protection (!!!). And the police was guarding the revelry instead of arresting Princz.

LII. Budapest Bank: In privatizing the bank, the Hungarian state made a profit of HUF 8000 on the deal, as its debts were paid from the budget, rather than by the buyer. That means that for five years running, an annual sum of HUF 10 billion of the taxpayers' money was spent on bailing out the new owner.

LIII. Ripping off Hungary: Since 1988, the comrades have stolen HUF 600,000 billion (the equivalent of six years' budget) from us. The whole thing started with Law VI of 1988, which legalized spontaneous privatization (we should remember Károly Grosz's nephew, Miklós Németh, who will have answer for this crime to history!!!) Hungarian vegetable oil industry is no more (it was bought by the Feruzzi group; Feruzzi was later shot dead by rival Mafioso in Italy), which meant that the modern Hungarian vegetable oil production line was dissembled and transported to countries of cheap labor, while we ended up paying much more for cooking oil, margarine and washing agents produced from sunflower-seed. Our sugar industry was also sold below price, and we have no sugar industry now!!! And the Hungarian consumer pays many times over what it would have paid, had the factories produced sugar here in Hungary, with modern technology and creating jobs! Incidentally, the cultivated land of sunflower and sugar beet production has substantially shrunk, ruining many farmers. All this was not necessary; this was done by those who wanted to turn Hungary into a hunting ground. The Hungarian distillers are also in foreign ownership. The Hungarian cement industry is also dying a slow death: only Hejőcsaba remains in Hungarian hand, but this factory is being smothered by the banks. Another important aspect of the problem is that if Hungary bought cement from abroad, instead of producing it at home with a profit, than the building of flats would cost considerably less. Does this issue have strategic importance? It does. So, the communists, who sold our cement industry for no good reason and below the market price, committed another act of treachery!

LIV. The energy sector: The sycophants in the Horn government sold out to foreigners our energy sector, too (not only that, but they sold it to a STATE-OWNED company in France, which was explicitly against the law.) The entire sector was frittered away for a mere HUF 400 billion. During the same period the Brits sold a similar-size energy sector to a British private company for eleven times as much … The energy sector also has strategic importance!!!! Who will protect the Hungarian consumers from the western European prices?!? There was nothing at all that could justify such squandering! Where is the Communists' wealth now? When will the MSZP give account of the former MSZMP property? Where are the assets of the KISZ? How come that the one-time leader of KISZ, Imre Nagy, was able to buy the consortium Caola for just 1 Forint? (The public dues taken over by Imre Nagy were quickly forgotten somewhere along the lines of bank consolidation…)

04.18.2002 FW: text messages

"Hiding my cockade, I say this in a whisper. They are already busy cloning Kádár."

"The Fidesz campaign has gone down the drain, Viktor's face cannot hide his pain, Viktor, my son, don't you worry, your father at least has the quarry, you employ the Fidesz fogies, they can all be gnomes in quarries.

"Communists, lie low and stuff yourselves with sour cherry pies, libero-liberals, shut up and stop spreading lies, Victory is Viktor's, as every Hungarian knows: SATURDAY 3:00 P.M. KOSSUTH SQUARE

"Strange man he is, Orbán Viktor, he's somewhat like an Austrian pictor."

"Aside sorrow, aside dither, there goes Viktor, here comes Péter."

"Aside sadness, aside dither, here comes Viktor, there goes Péter."

"The cookie of the week: orange pie."

"The Fidesz works for the good of the people, only the people doesn't want to give their goods to the Fidesz!"

"Careful Viktor, the Silvership is going under!"

"We are offering a position to a recent law graduate. Experience in heading a government is an advantage."


"That will be the Happy End! Happy for us, the End for them!

"The gloom has lifted, the weather's pleasant, our kingdom won't go to a Felcsút peasant."

"Medgyessy's no urban, I want Orbán! Vote for Fidesz, vote for Viktor, let's put Péter in the cooler! This is our last chance, let's keep our hopes alive!"

"I wish to trade in my Fidesz-connected company for an MSZP-connected one!"

"No more scaremongering, no more barefaced lies, we don't want another round of new -Csurkist - Bolshevism. Let's stop Bolshe Viktor!"

"The future has begun - to recede!"

"You say there is a big crowd in Kossuth Square? Of course, everyone wants to see the grand finale! It's all over!"


04.18.2002 20:04 our chances

What will happen, if the MSZP-SZDSZ coalition and Péter Medgyessy forms government in Hungary?

There will be an immediate 40-per-cent rise in the price of household gas; this is what the opposition has demanded for quite some time, making frequent references to the shareholders' interests. They have already announced that this would be the incoming government's first move. They would introduce a 13th-month pension so as to pacify the elderly people; Hungary's population is so overage that it is in the government's interest not to upset the pensioners; also, they need the money to be able to pay their gas bills. The large state-owned companies (of strategic importance) will be privatized (watch out for a sudden rise in the stock exchange index!). The concession of motorway construction will be granted to foreign companies; the taxpayers' money will be transferred to foreign hands, in such way, of course, that the government-connected companies and the political parties also get their share (see the Tocsik case, subway construction, motorway concessions); tax reform advertised on the SZDSZ giant posters cannot be implemented, the whole thing was a demagogue campaign bluff, even the MSZP cannot accept it, so tax cuts are out; holding back the strengthening of the Forint (the socialists have already hinted at that), perhaps an artificially fuelled inflation and another Bokros package? Why not, it seems that another round of austerity measures will be necessary after the Orbán government's spending spree and its granting commissions to Fidesz-connected companies; the agriculture sector will once again be left to its own devices, as the left wing has never had any ideas on agricultural politics; immediate and thorough purging in the public television and radio (recall what happened in 1998), the left wing will not be content with dominating TV2, RTL Klub, Népszabadság, Magyar Hírlap, Népszava, and most of the Internet portals, it also wants to turn the public media into its own propaganda machinery (here is Országimázs for you!). László Juszt, Tamás Gyárfás, Katalin Szegvári will be put in charge of MTV! They will probably ban Pannon Radio, or if they cannot fabricate a legal excuse for it, then they will ruin it financially; organized crime will flare up again, thanks to our future leaders' good connections with the Mafia (more car explosions in Budapest?), reinforced by the SZDSZ's wish to legalize soft drugs, which itself would be extremely harmful!!! They will definitely withdraw Budapest's application to stage the Olympic Games, just as they withdrew from the 1996 World Fair, they have done nothing but frown on the idea from the start.

(They will):
deprecate Hungarian intellectual capital and trample on our national self-esteem, in order to let the old familiar paternalism of the one-party state rule again ("we'll tell you what to think"); aggravate the tension between the left wing and the right wing and dig trenches to divide Hungary's citizens; perpetually scare the public with the ghost of extremism in connection with people's national feeling, while supporting the real extremists through the secret services (we all remember Albert Szabó and his cronies, who marched under pseudo-fascist insignia every week during the Horn government and then disappeared without a trace as soon as the Orbán government was elected).

(They will):
constantly ridicule the brightest moments of Hungarian history and celebrate our national remembrance days with hardly concealed indifference and cynicism; laugh at our national self-esteem and put pressure on the church schools; spread the spirit of globalization in the fields of economy and culture through the ministry of culture under the SZDSZ's Bálint Magyar (cosmopolitism, or if you prefer the pre-1989 term, internationalism); deny support to the Hungarian minorities of the neighboring countries and make unprincipled compromises with the neighboring countries' anti-Magyar leaders (see what happened with the Romanian-Hungarian treaty of 1995); issue a series of legislations that violate the constitution, just as they did between 1994 and 1998, when the Constitutional Court annulled a large number of laws.

We shall have as Prime Minister a man who is completely uninformed about current events, see the Orbán-Medgyessy debate: he did not know for how many years and under what conditions Hungary and Poland were given deferment in connection with the right of foreigners to buy agricultural land; he did not know how many family farms there were in Hungary; unaware of the recent opening of a new hospital worth HUF 5 billion in BAZ county, he thought that the health service was underdeveloped there.

(We shall have as Prime Minister a man)

who ordered capacitors for the Paks power plant for hundreds of millions of Forint so as to pocket a commission on it;

who received the Legion of Honor from President Chirac on the left-wing Jospin's recommendation for lobbying on behalf of a French company in connection with the construction of the Budapest subway;

who pocketed $ 100,000 for lobbying in the case of the Gresham Palace's reconstruction;

A communist-cadre-turned-high-financier who criticizes the Orbán government for not doing enough to help the poor; who cannot finish a compound sentence; who speaks Romanian and French

Why is the Orbán government good for us? (The refutation of the main campaign slogans)

Because the Országimázs Center attracted foreign investment during the period of worldwide recession just as it attracted tourists after the terror attack of September 11, strengthening Hungarian self-esteem and spirit of endeavor in the building of our country. All this cost to the taxpayers the same amount that the Horn government had spent on the advertisement of issuing government bonds abroad, to which the Orbán government put an end immediately (the demand for the bonds never abated afterwards); because they chose not to put out the large investment projects in infrastructure development to international tender and thus guaranteed that these would be financed from Hungarian capital, built by Hungarian labor, stay in Hungarian hands and cost less to Hungarians to use it; because the government made a giant step in its struggle against the ageing of society by supporting the families, ensuring that a new generation of people with a constructive and healthy spirit grow up in normal families; because the Széchenyi Plan, despite allegations to the contrary, helped foster serious investments in the country and because the government granted money on receipt of well-prepared applications regardless of political sympathies; because today Hungary has a Prime Minister who has his mind and heart in the right place, who intellectually surpasses the opposition as a whole, who has a solution to every problem but is willing to listen to anyone's advice, who has international reputation and is extremely popular at home.

On April 21 there will be elections in 131 constituencies! Most of these are in the country! By winning 85 of these constituencies, the citizens' side will have majority in Parliament! Our fate is in the hands of the provinces! Now is the time to put aside earlier grievances and stand united, because what is at stake is this: socialism or bourgeois future?

04.18.2002 21:34 Fwd: Facts

1.) What happened during the office of the MSZP-SZDSZ government between 1994 and 1998? Let's not beat about the bush but reveal the facts straight:

- The number of shark attacks increased along the beaches of Australia!

- A series of earthquakes devastated Los Angeles and Japan!

- The release of Windows 95 made the lives of millions miserable!

- The Talibs seized power in Afghanistan!

- The ozone hole was continuously growing over the South Pole!

- Lady Diana and Mother Theresa of Calcutta died!

This was the record of the left-liberal coalition.

2.) Now let's see what happened during the Fidesz's term of office between 1998 and 2002!

- Thanks to the government's efforts, we enjoyed the only complete solar eclipse of the century!

- The Millennium came - twice!

- There were no tidal waves in Hungary, what's more, there were no tidal waves in the surrounding countries, either!

- The average consumption of narcotic drugs by women over 90 hardly increased!

- The Euro was introduced!

- The standard of living in Bolivia and Indonesia increased by an average of 38 per cent!

- Economic growth in Kuala Lumpur was unflagging!

3.) And now all this has been put in jeopardy! Brothers and sisters! Hungarian blood relatives! Let's save our Motherland bleeding from six-hundred-and-sixty-six wounds! Do you know what will happen if the liberal-Bolsheviks took over the country?

- They will make Judaism Hungary's state-religion!

- They will clone Stalin, Rákosi and Béla Kun!

- Russian and Hebrew will replace Hungarian as the country's official language!

- The frequency of solar flares will increase!

- The devastation of South America’s tropical rain forests will continue unabated!

- Everyone will be circumcised, including women!

- There will be severe cold in winter, nasty heat in summer and toasts will always fall with their buttered side downwards!

- Blue whales and the Ethiopian people will become dangerously scarce!

- School milk will be replaced with mandatory heroin shots!

- Anyone suspected of having been baptized will be sent either to Siberia or to the River Volga to work as boat towers.

4.) What proof do we have for all this? We know it from reliable sources. You must not forget who are heading them!

Did you know that

- as a student, Péter Medgyessy dodged the tram-fare on several occasions?

- while reading the novel Egri csillagok, László Kovács wanted the Turk Jumurdzsák to win?

- one of Katalin Szili's female ancestors was burnt at the stake in the 13th century as a proven witch?

- as a little girl, Judit Csehák (our prospective Minister of Health) had to be told on several occasions to wash hands after using the toilet?

- Gábor Kuncze kept pulling the girls' locks in kindergarten?

- Bálint Magyar's assumed his surname so as to conceal his alien-heartedness and to appear Hungarian at least in his name?

- Iván Pető crosses himself in the pattern of a Star of David every morning?

- in 1956 Gábor Fodor ordered his soldiers to open fire on the protesters in Köztársaság Square?

Now it is up to you to decide whether you trust these people! Don't let them fool you! You must remember József Antall who wanted a Christian Hungary, not a Jewish one! Be there on April 21 and demonstrate your wisdom and sense of responsibility in casting your vote!

The day after the President of the State had announced the date of the 2006 parliamentary elections in Hungary, the Open Society Archives re-opened its archive of electronic campaign letters, inviting all recipients of e-mails and cell phone text messages related to the parliamentary elections to forward the messages to a specified e-mail account or cell phone number.

The archive of electronic campaign letters was set up for the first time between the two rounds of the 2002 parliamentary elections. A large number of people responded with forwarding messages supporting, criticizing, accusing or parodying the parties and candidates standing for election, along with messages that called for election rallies, thus contributing to a collection that, on the one hand, represents a peculiar field of application of new information and communication technologies, and, on the other hand, provides a unique snapshot of a post-communist country's election campaign.

In view of the fact that the messages are written in Hungarian, the database and the homepage of the archive of electronic campaign letters are also in Hungarian. However, for the benefit of those who are interested in the material but do not speak Hungarian, we offer in English translation a selection of the most typical messages from the 2002 campaign (and will be preparing a selection from the 2006 campaign, too), along with a summary providing background information on the election and the people taking part.

Since the text of any electronic letter is all too easily altered, we cannot guarantee the genuineness and the unadulterated state of the messages received. However, the aim of the collection is not to prove their authenticity but to give researchers an overview of the role e-mails and text messages play in the election campaign.

From the archivers' viewpoint, only the content of the messages is of interest, not the identity of senders and recipients. Therefore, we delete the names and addresses of senders and recipients alike in the case of e-mails (but not the senders of e-mails originating from political parties, government organizations or agencies obviously engaged in mass propaganda), and the phone numbers in the case of text messages. We also delete the personal data included in the text of the messages (with the exception of those related to politicians and other persons performing public functions). We archive the messages in an anonymized form, before making them available to the public on our Hungarian homepage.